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The person behind this concept...

Naturally, you dear reader should know who delivered pictures and text for these pages and who had
the idea to build such a outdoor model train lay out here in the Philippines.

My name is Frank-Rainer Hohman, born 1942 in Dresden, Germay. After completion of High School and
a 3 year apprentice ship as an electrician mechanic I completed my education with a University
master degree in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and electronics.  

Additional educational training was given in the areas of economic
sciences, logistic, book keeping and statistics.

Modeltrain - Philippines - Modelleisenbahn - Philippinen - Cebu - Alcoy - Frank-Rainer Hohmann 02
Modeltrain - Philippines - Modelleisenbahn - Philippinen - Cebu - Alcoy - Frank-Rainer Hohmann 02

After my studies, I was working for a short time in areas involving the development of
electro acoustic equipment. In the long term I held executive management positions.
Both national and international, in two multinational companies involving the
Information and Technology sector and the supply section of automotive parts.

I started my hobby in 1948 with a motor coach train and tracks and switches
which have been manufactured by my father.  

This hobby accompanied me since my very early age and I feel lucky today that I was able
to participate in the development of model trains for such a long time.

Over the years, I constructed several indoor and three outdoor layouts for either myself
or for very good friends. I familiarized myself with digital technology
and PC based control systems since 1987.  

The reason I came to the Philippines and live here in Cebu is quite simple. The favourable climate which is also quite suitable for the
elderly person, the wonderful landscape as well as the friendly inhabitants of this island paradise.

Of course a bit of pioneering spirit was also part of it. To build out door model train here in the Philippines and
maintain them in the long run is a challenge due to the climate and the environment.  

And this challenge appealed to me and I could resist. Yes and as you can see -

this ambitious goal can be reached.

In that sense – I wish you a lot of fun exploring the pages of model train Philippines.
All the very best and possibly see you soon on the island of Cebu.

With sunny greetings from Alcoy Yours

Frank-Rainer Hohmann

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